Book of Zechariah: End-time Restoration of Israel (11 tapes) Series 501
501-1End-time Restoration of Israel, No. 1
501-2End-time Restoration of Israel, No. 2
501-3End-time Restoration of Israel, No. 3
501-4End-time Restoration of Israel, No. 4
501-5End-time Restoration of Israel, No. 5
501-6End-time Restoration of Israel, No. 6
501-7End-time Restoration of Israel, No. 7
501-8End-time Restoration of Israel, No. 8
501-9End-time Restoration of Israel, No. 9
501-10End-time Restoration of Israel, No. 10
501-11End-time Restoration of Israel, No. 11
 Studies in Revelation (11 tapes) Series 525
525-1Studies in Revelation, No. 1
525-2Studies in Revelation, No. 2
525-3Studies in Revelation, No. 3
525-4Studies in Revelation, No. 4
525-5Studies in Revelation, No. 5
525-6Studies in Revelation, No. 6
525-7Studies in Revelation, No. 7
525-8Studies in Revelation, No. 8
525-9Studies in Revelation, No. 9
525-10Studies in Revelation, No. 10
525-11Studies in Revelation, No. 11
 The Prophecies of Daniel (5 tapes) Series 535
530Nebuchadnezzar’s Dream, Chapter 2
531Daniel’s Vision, Chapter 7
53270 Weeks Antichrist’s Rise and Fall, Chapters 8-9
533The Nature of the Resurrection, Chapters 10-12
534The Order of the Resurrection, Chapter 12
 Study of Ezekiel (4 tapes) Series 544
540Vision of the Dry Bones, Chapter 37
541The Invasion of Israel by Russia, Chapters 38-39
542The Rebuilding of the Temple, Chapters 40-43
543Reinstitution of Worship and Restoration of the Land, Chapters 44-48
 Preaching from the Prophets (21 tapes) 551-571
551The Call and Commission of a Prophet, No. 1
552The Call and Commission of a Prophet. No. 2
553The Call and Commission of a Prophet. No. 3
554Leaving One’s First Love
555God’s Seven-fold Indictment of Sin
556Amazing Grace
557The Perils of Disobedience
558The Search for a Righteous Man
559Walking in the Old Paths
560The Temple of the Lord
561No Balm in Gilead
562A Time for Tears
563Two Ways to Avoid
564When Intercession is Unavailing
565Speckled Birds
566The Marred Girdle
567A Curse or a Blessing
568The Potter and the Clay
569The Law of Responsibility
570The Tests of True and False Prophets, No. 1
571The Tests of True and False Prophets, No. 2