Playable in any audio CD player. Packaged in a scallop shell case, CD face label only.
Note: Messages longer than 80 minutes do not fit on a single Audio CD. This requires a 2 CD set. There is no extra charge, except shipping.
You will receive the messages requested in the format requested. If your CD does not contain the message or messages you ordered, we will replace it at no charge to you. However, due to the ease of copying CDs, we do not refund payments for defective CDs. Our policy is replacement only.

Free Replacement
Because of the durability of CDs, we offer free replacement if your CD is defective when you receive it.
The terms for this service are:

(1) You will be expected to notify us within 30 days of our shipping date if there is a problem.
(2) You return the defective CD to us postpaid. It should go for under $1.00 first class for a single CD.
(3) We will ship the replacement CD to you at our expense, including postage.