M-305Teaching on the Godhead
M-306Teaching on the Headcovering
M-307Utterance in 3 Dimensions: Praise, Prophecy, Prayer
M-308Secret of Divine Guidance
M-309Setting the Captives Free
M-310Questions of Raising the Dead and Natural Childbirth
M-311Hindrances to Prayer
M-312Effective Prayer
M-313The Marred Inheritance (Book of Ruth)
M-314Faith or Presumption (Logos and Rhema)
M-315Hindrances to Receiving the Baptism of the Holy Spirit
M-316Keeping Your Mind Under the Blood
M-317The Fifteen Gifts of the Spirit, No. 1
M-318The Fifteen Gifts of the Spirit, No. 2
M-319How to Know God’s Will
M-320Instructions on Healing
M-321The Armor of God: Ephesians 6
M-322Three Steps to Receive Your Healing
M-323The Importance of Confession
M-324Body Ministry–Special Instruments
M-325New Man or Religious Man?
M-326The Method of New Testament Evangelism
M-327Faith is Faithfulness
M-328How to Receive Guidance
M-329Questions and Answers on the Baptism & Tongues, No. 1
M-330Questions and Answers on the Baptism & Tongues, No. 2
M-331Discerning the Voice of the Spirit
M-332Did Jesus Die Spiritually?
M-333Praise of a Virtuous Woman (Proverbs 31)
M-334Correcting Misconceptions about Healing, Faith, Deliverance, etc.
 Prayer that God Answers (6 tapes) M-335 to M-340
M-335Conditions for Answered Prayer
M-336Hindrances to Answered Prayer
M-337Prayer and the Will of God
M-338Prayer and Healing
M-339The Prayer of Faith
M-340Persistent Prayer vs. Repetitious Prayer
M-341How to Receive the Baptism in the Holy Spirit
M-342Overcoming the Objections to the Baptism in the Holy Spirit
M-343Correcting Certain Misunderstandings on Faith, Ethics, and Deeper Life
M-344Sign Seekers, Denominational Doubters, and Charismatic Skeptics
M-345Correcting Misconceptions in Learning the Will of God
 Admonitions in Prayer for Overcomers (4 tapes) M-346 to M-349
M-346The Nature of True Prayer
M-347The Prayer that Changes Things
M-348Success in Prayer
M-349Getting God to Hear our Prayers
M-350The Use and Misuse of Romans 8:28
M-351Recognizing and Avoiding the Enemy’s Snares
M-352The Baptism of the Holy Spirit: A Necessity not a Luxury
M-353Maintaining a Scriptural Balance
 Jesus’ Teachings on Prayer, Matthew 6 (7 tapes) M-354 to M-360
M-354Introduction: How Not to Pray
M-355God’s Relation to Us
M-356God’s Purpose through Us
M-357The First Petition
M-358The Second through Fourth Petitions
M-359Dealing with the Flesh and the Devil
M-360Biblical Relationship between Saying and Praying
M-362Importance of Heeding the Word
 Discerning the Will of God for Yourself (4 tapes) Series M-363
M-363-1Learning to Cope for Yourself
M-363-2Wrong Methods of Discerning God’s Will
M-363-3Voice or Verse?
M-363-4Spiritual Roadsigns
 Prosperity of the Believer (3 tapes) Series M-364
M-364-1How to be Holy, Healthy, and Happy
M-364-2+Christian Poverty vs. Prosperity
M-364-3+Christian Poverty vs. Prosperity
M-365Word Warfare
 Instructions in Prayer (3 tapes) Series M-366
M-366-1The Prayer of Petition
M-366-2Prayer in the Spirit vs. Prayer in the Understanding
M-366-3Prayers that Don’t Get Answered
M-367From Here to There through Prayer
M-368The Moral Minority
M-369How to Stay on the Firing Line Without Suffering Battle Fatigue
M-370Always Carry a Large Bucket
 Studies in Self-Examination (11 tapes) Series M-371
M-371-1Are You Beating the Deadline?
M-371-2Are You a Dripping Faucet or a Deluge of Rain?
M-371-3Divine Order or Disorder? No. 1
M-371-4Divine Order or Disorder? No. 2
M-371-5Divine Order or Disorder? No. 3
M-371-6Discipleship or Abandon Ship?
M-371-7Maturing or Struggling in Faith?
M-371-8The Abuse, Misuse and Non-Use of Faith
M-371-9Are You Balanced? No. 1
M-371-10Are You Balanced? No. 2
M-371-11Are You Confession the Word or the Worst?
M-372Free Indeed
M-373Divine Chastisement: How to Respond Rather than Resist
 Principles of Effective Prayer (7 tapes) Series M-374
M-374-1Introduction to Effective Prayer–Part 1
M-374-2Introduction to Effective Prayer–Part 2
M-374-3The Basis for Answered Prayer: Faith
M-374-4Do Not Limit God When You Pray; Expect to Receive the Exact Thing Requested
M-374-5Never Pray “If it be Thy Will” about a Promise; Distinguish between Faith and Faithfulness
M-374-6Never Pray in Generalities–Be Specific; Maintain a Positive Confession after Prayer
M-374-7Act on Your Prayers; Apply the Principles of Praise and Thanksgiving
 Victorious Living 365 Days a Year (5 tapes) Series M-375
M-375-1Positive Thinking and Confession
M-375-2Living Today Without Regrets Tomorrow
M-375-3Avoiding Going Around the Mountain
M-375-4Daily Directing Our Steps by the Word
M-375-5Keeping Your Heart
 Teach Us to Pray (4 tapes) Series M-376
M-376-1What Constitutes Scriptural Prayer?
M-376-2The Do’s and Don’ts for Effective Prayer
M-376-3The Call that God Answers
M-376-4The Secrets of Effective Prayer
 Alternatives (3 tapes) Series M-377
M-377-1Alternatives to Crucifixion
M-377-2Alternatives to Victorious Living
M-377-3Alternatives to Preparation in the Word of God