(“L” prefix tapes)
L-01The Abundant Life
L-02The Anointing: Faith and Feeling
L-03The Use and Misuse of the Gift of Tongues
L-04Completing Our Faith
L-05Dealing with Your Doubts
L-06Yielding to the Holy Spirit
L-07Called to Crucifixion
L-08Total Commitment
L-09Dealing with Your Self
L-10Eternal Manifestations of the Godhead
L-11Evidences of the Baptism of the Holy Spirit
L-12Faith Ignores the Circumstances
L-13Five Conditions to Receive the Promises of God
L-14Five Evidences of Faith
L-15The Foolishness of Faith
L-16The Formula for Faith
L-17Faith that Moves Mountains
L-18Commanding Faith
L-19The Goal of the Deeper Life
L-20The Four Pillars of Faith
L-21God’s Great and Precious Promises, No. 1
L-22God’s Great and Precious Promises, No. 2
L-23Excelling in the Gifts
L-24The Four Signs of a Believer
L-25The Failure to Act Your Faith
L-26Three Hindrances to Faith: Insecurity, Anxiety, Indecision
L-27How to Release Your Faith
L-28Jesus: Our Pattern of Faith
L-29Methods of Delivering the Oppressed
L-30Restoring Life to the Church
L-31Nature of the Crucified Life
L-32Overcoming the Impossible
L-33No Exceptions to the Promises
L-34Overcoming Faith
L-35The Pathway to Perfection
L-36The Prayer of Resignation
L-37The High Priest of Our Confession
L-38Perplexing Problems about Prayer
L-39Thinking God’s Thoughts
L-40The Purposes of the Baptism of the Holy Spirit
L-41Praying in Faith
L-42The Purpose of Yielding to the Holy Spirit
L-43Receiving Answers to Prayer, No. 1
L-44Receiving Answers to Prayer, No. 2
L-45Recovering Our Dominion and Rights
L-46Eliminating Hindrances to Prayer
L-47Samson’s Failure to Hold Fast
L-48The Secret of Answered Prayer
L-49Steppingstones to Answered Prayer
L-50God’s Variety in Healing
L-51Three Keys to Overcoming Faith
L-52Coming to an Understanding of Faith