(“F” prefix tapes)
F-107FAITH Series (6 tapes) F-101 to F-106
F-101What Faith Is
F-102Basis for Receiving God’s Promises by Faith
F-103Claiming the Promises by Faith
F-104Confessing Faith: Key to Answered Prayer
F-105Acting on Faith
F-106Enduring by Faith
F-108Mixing in Faith
F-109Healing is Easier
F-110Sonship Faith
F-111Testimony of Hobart Freeman
F-112The Law of Life and the Law of Death
F-113+Psalm 91—Our Assurance Policy, No. 1
F-114+Psalm 91—Our Assurance Policy, No. 2
 Note: This is one long message, divided between two tapes.
     In MP3 digital form, it will one track, sold and charged as only one message, unless otherwise specified by the customer.
     If ordered together in audio CD format, the second CD is only $1.00; but either CD ordered individually will still be $4.00.
F-115Healing in the Atonement
F-116Adding to Your Faith
F-117Faith’s Trial and Triumph
F-1187 Channels to Faith or Doubt
F-119Vocabulary of Faith
F-120Overcoming Satan for Your Healing
F-121The “Haves” and the “Have Nots”
F-122The Parable of the Sower: The Basis for Mature Faith
F-123Proving Your Faith
F-124Understanding and Using Faith
F-125Faith’s Conditions
F-126Faith’s Conditions for Divine Healing
F-127Healing the Sick and the Prayer of Faith
F-128Abiding in Our Confession of Faith
F-129Increasing Our Faith
 Psalm 23: Confessing Our Possessions (5 tapes) Series F-130
F-130-1Psalm 23: Confessing Our Possessions, No. 1
F-130-2Psalm 23: Confessing Our Possessions, No. 2
F-130-3Psalm 23: Confessing Our Possessions, No. 3
F-130-4Psalm 23: Confessing Our Possessions. No. 4
F-130-5Psalm 23: Confessing Our Possessions, No. 5
F-131The Simplicity of Faith
F-132Healing Faith
F-133Man’s Word or God’s Word: Which Should We Believe?
F-134The Three Steps for Possessing the Land
F-135Paul’s Thorn, Job’s Boils, and Epaphroditus’ Sickness
F-136Our Family Physician
F-137Faith’s Imperative
F-138Demonstrating Your Faith
F-139Seven Steps to Victorious Faith
F-140The Doorway to Healing and Health
F-141Double, Single or No Portion Christians
F-142Answering Objections to Divine Healing
 Admonitions in Faith for Overcomers (5 tapes) F-143 to F-147
F-143Give Me This Mountain
F-144Learning the ABC’s of Faith
F-145How to Resist the Devil Effectively
F-146How to Spell Faith
F-147Crawling, Walking, and Leaping by Faith
F-148It is Finished!
F-149What God Has Not Given Us
F-150The Importance of What We Say
F-151How to Get the Most Out of the Christian Life
F-152Glorifying God in Healing
F-153Waiting for the Other Shoe to Drop
F-154The Three Words God Hates Most: Because Of Unbelief
F-155God Wants You Well
F-156Characteristics of Genuine Faith
F-157Holding Fast to What You Have
F-158How to Get Healed Without Trying
F-159Divine Healing vs. Medical ScienceF-159
F-160Obtaining a Good Report through FaithF-160
 Admonitions for Endurance (10 tapes) Series F-161
F-161-1We’ve Come This Far by Faith
F-161-2It’s Never Too Late, Until It’s Too Late
F-161-3Absolute Surrender
F-161-4Getting Off the Fence
F-161-5The Assurances of Endurance
F-161-6Faith for the Eighties
F-161-7It is Forever Settled in Heaven
F-161-8Out of Egypt, Into Babylon
F-161-9Heeding the Deeper Call
F-161-10Hearing vs. Doing the Word
F-162Is Satan Stealing Your Healing?
F-163Our One Remedy for Healing
F-164Right Thinking: The Key to Healing and Health
F-165Wilt Thou Be Made Whole?
F-166Five Reasons for Believing God Will Answer Your Prayers
F-167The Healing of the Whole Person
F-168The Redemption of the Body
F-169What to Do With Mountains
F-170The Healing Question
F-171Son of Man or Medicine Man?
F-172The O.R.C. Healing and Health Plan
F-173Surviving in the Pill Generation
F-174The Lord’s Report vs. The Medical Report
 If Thou Canst Believe (4 tapes) Series F-175
F-175-1If Thou Canst Believe, No. 1
F-175-2If Thou Canst Believe, No. 2
F-175-3If Thou Canst Believe, No. 3
F-175-4If Thou Canst Believe, No. 4
 Exhortations to Faith (5 tapes) Series F-176
F-176-1The Search Has Begun
F-176-2Faith Dares to Succeed
F-176-3Faith and the Will of God
F-176-4Faith: The Antidote for Fear and Worry
F-176-5Faith: The Cure for Negative Thinking
F-177Enjoyment of Full Redemption
F-178-1Contending for the Faith
F-178-2Confirming the Faith
F-178-3Overcoming by Faith the Alien Gospel of Christian Poverty
F-179Community and Calvary
F-180No Warning on the Label