D-201Following in Jesus’ Steps
D-202Total Discipleship
D-203Crucified with Christ
D-204The Fullness of God
D-205The Meaning of Our Trials
 Principles of the Deeper Life: The Sermon on the Mount (11 tapes) Series D-206
D-206-1The Sermon on the Mount, No. 1
D-206-2The Sermon on the Mount, No. 2
D-206-3The Sermon on the Mount, No. 3
D-206-4The Sermon on the Mount, No. 4
D-206-5The Sermon on the Mount, No. 5
D-206-6The Sermon on the Mount, No. 6
D-206-7The Sermon on the Mount, No. 7
D-206-8The Sermon on the Mount, No. 8
D-206-9The Sermon on the Mount, No. 9
D-206-10The Sermon on the Mount, No. 10
D-206-11The Sermon on the Mount, No. 11
D-207Matured Sonship
D-208The Nature of Our Crucifixion
 The Errors of Shepherdship (4 tapes) Series D-209
A must for every charismatic, this series gives clear answers to the errors of shepherdship, covering, neo-discipleship, and submission being taught in and through submitted body groups
D-209-1The Errors of Shepherdship, No. 1
D-209-2The Errors of Shepherdship, No. 2
D-209-3The Errors of Shepherdship, No. 3
D-209-AUpdating the Shepherdship Error
D-210Body Ministry—Its Nature
D-211Runner or Spectator?
D-212Discipleship and the Cross
 The Absolutes of Discipleship (8 tapes) D-213 to D-220
D-213Complete Denial of the Self-life, Taking Up the Cross, and Following Jesus
D-214Acceptance of Trials as the Pathway into the Kingdom
D-215Forsaking All (The Pearl of Great Price)
D-216The Absolute Acceptance of Our Responsibilities
D-217Jesus’ Demand to be Everything
D-218Total Preparation
D-219Total Yielding to the Holy Spirit
D-220Enduring and Overcoming Faith
 The Tests for Overcomers (12 tapes) D-221 to D-232
D-221Accepting the Biblical Message of Discipleship; Accepting the End-time Message of Restoration
D-222Accepting the Biblical Message of Faith; Overcoming the Tendency toward Superficiality; Uncompromising Committal to Christ
D-223Uncompromising Acceptance of God’s Total Word
D-224The Operation of Faith
D-225Overcoming Satan and the Powers of Darkness
D-226The Importance of the Name, the Word, and the Blood of Jesus
D-227Praying Effectively
D-228Total Obedience
D-229Overcoming the World
D-230The Overcomer’s Appointment
D-231Walking through Open Doors
D-232Our Calling to Crucifixion
D-233What is the Fullness of God?
D-234Imitators of Christ
D-235Making Your Calling and Election Sure
D-236Why Do the Righteous Suffer?
D-237After Pentecost
D-238Balancing Contentment with Concern
D-239Making the Right Choices
D-240Anointed for Burial
D-241Deeper Life Training in Discipleship: Discerning Between Trials, Temptation, and Chastisement
D-242Faith, Grace, and Responsibility
D-243The Key to Spiritual Power
D-244The Three Aspects of the Crucified Life
D-245Life’s Little Trials
 Removing Hindrances to our Growth to Full Stature (7 tapes) Series D-246
D-246-1Confusing Concepts About the Deeper Life
D-246-2Giving Place to the Devil
D-246-3Limiting God
D-246-4Taking Heed or Taking Thought?
D-246-5The Undisciplined Mind
D-246-6Restoration of Right Relationships
D-246-7Seven-fold Work of Perfection
 End-time Admonitions (12 tapes) Series D-247
D-247-1Burning All Your Bridges Behind You
D-247-2God’s Chosen Fast
D-247-3How to Recognize and Resist the Enemy
D-247-4Correcting Some Misconceptions About Faith
D-247-5Overcomers Overcoming Temptation
D-247-6Overcomers Overcoming Trials
D-247-7Standing Fast
D-247-9The Bottom Line
D-247-10An Invitation to the Thirsty
D-247-11Having the Form but Denying the Power
D-247-12The Pruning of the Branches
D-248Using God or Being Used of God
D-249Laying It on the Line
D-250The Importance of Faith
 Life in the Spirit (5 tapes) Series D-251
D-251-1Moving Beyond the Threshold
D-251-2Leaving the First Principles
D-251-3Crucifixion Comes Before Manifestation
D-251-4Giving the More Earnest Heed
D-251-5Numbering Our Days
 Mature Discipleship (10 tapes) Series D-252
D-252-1No Degrees of Discipleship
D-252-2Characteristics of Mature Disciples, No. 1
D-252-3Characteristics of Mature Disciples, No. 2
D-252-4Characteristics of Mature Disciples, No. 3
D-252-5Avoiding Pitfalls
D-252-6Discipleship and Sound Doctrine
D-252-7Discipleship and Discernment
D-252-8The Cross in the Life of the Disciple
D-252-9Payday Someday Soon
D-252-10Discipleship and Prayer Plateaus
D-253-1After You Put Your Hand to the Plow
D-253-2After You Leave the Upper Room
D-253-3Are You Building on Stone or Sand?
D-253-4After Churchianity and Compromise
D-253-5After the Seed is Sown
 Growth to Full Stature (6 tapes) Series D-254
D-254-1Characteristics of 100-fold Christians
D-254-2The Two Keys to Growth to Full Stature
D-254-3Bridging the Gap, No. 1
D-254-4Bridging the Gap, No. 2
D-254-5Full Stature Requires Full Separation
D-254-6The Final Touches
 Things That Overcomers Will Avoid (7 tapes) Series D-255
D-255-1Avoiding the “I” Infirmity of Institutional Religion
D-255-2Avoiding the Substitution of Man-Attitudes
D-255-3Avoiding the Snare of Good Intentions
D-255-4Avoiding the Compromise of the Word of God
D-255-5Avoiding the Unsettled Mind, No. 1
D-255-6Avoiding the Unsettled Mind, No. 2
D-255-7Avoiding the Snare of Being Misguided by Feelings
 Admonitions for End-time Saints (2 tapes) Series D-256
D-256-1God Wants Our Righteousness to Exceed
D-256-2The Danger of Falling Short of Entering into Our Rest
 End-time Preparation (2 tapes) Series D-257
D-257-1Classification in God’s Army
D-257-2Are You Standing Firm or Miring Down?
 Hindrances to Living the Overcoming Life (6 tapes) Series D-258
D-258-1The Failure to Tame the Tongue
D-258-2The Failure to Live a Disciplined Life
D-258-3The Failure to Live a Changed Life
D-258-4The Failure to Avoid the Myth-Conceptions Concerning Faith and Works
D-258-5Are You Living the Overcoming Life or a Wasted Life?
D-258-6Filling in the Blank Spaces